For those who like to taste the typical dishes of Salentinian Greece, among the passionate sounds of Taranta ...

In the Salento you will find many of the foods that Italy is famous for. Its cuisine is simple and delicious with an emphasis upon local and seasonal produce and fresh seafood.

You will find a range of places to eat. They include: ‘la trattoria’where you will find a find a menu that draws upon the traditions of the region; l’agriturismo that produces and rears all its own ingredients; and ‘il ristorante’that offers an extensive menu of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. The area is also known for its local festivals where you can sample local dishes and ‘street food’ as well as enjoy the ‘pizzica’ music and dance.

The fare of the typical trattoria may well consist of: ‘incannulate’ – a spiral pasta served with a cheese and tomato sauce; ‘ciceri e tria’ – a pasta with chickpeas; ‘orechiette con le cime di rapa’ this is a combination of a small ear-shaped pasta with the leaves of turnip tops that are similar to broccoli; ‘favenette e cicureddhre’ – puredfave beans and wild herbs.
Typical main courses can include: ‘polpettine al suga’ – meat balls in sauce; ‘pizzetti di cavallo’ – grilled, roast or stewed pieces of horsemeat’ ‘mbruscatizze or mbuiacate’ – roasted lamb entrails; ilpolipofritto – fried octopus; ‘l’agnello al forno’ - roast lamb.
Fast and ‘steet food’ include the popular ‘rusticoleccese’ – a snack made with puff pastry and typically stuffed with tomato and mozzarella. And finally for desert you can try: ‘spumone’ – a flavored ice-cream layered with nuts and candied fruits; locally and hand-made ice cream; ‘la coperta’ – a Puglian nougat; almond pastries and iced-coffee.
If you need any help regarding places to eat or local dishes then please do not hesitate to ask your welcoming hosts, Lina and Leo.