Once upon a time there was a young man who fell deeply in love with a young woman.
He decided that he would build them a house where they could settle and live happily together.
Although he was poor he managed to buy a small plot of land where he was able to set about building their first home.
Only when it was finished did he show it to his beloved. The house was very small and was primarily made of red bricks with a cane roof. Whilst they were both very happy he remained ambitious and so it was not long before he acquired some more land alongside the original plot. Unfortunately, one day a fire destroyed their small home.
However, he did not become discouraged. He continued to work hard on his land and thanks to his tenacity he set about building a new and bigger home. In time this new house became a ‘casina’ (a small house) with seven rooms; one for each of their seven children born over a seven-year period. Each room had its own fireplace where, during the long winter evenings, the family would gather to hear stories and local tales.

As well as the love for his family the man had a passion for bees and was so nicknamed the ‘bee doctor’.
This passion led him to become a bee keeper of all three species native to Puglia. Eventually Casina Montana became known locally as the ‘massiera del miele’ – the honey farm.

Time passed and things continued to change. Further developments included the cultivation of tobacco.
In recent years, the current heirs of the young man have converted part of the original farmstead into a B&B, recapturing and bringing to life aspects of its heritage.

Casina Montana, as shown on historical maps, owes its name to its relatively higher position over its immediate surroundings. It is thanks to this slight elevation that there is a certain freshness during the long hot summer days.

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